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Epilogue "The Way to Nowhere". The book ends here, or nowhere, but preceding chapters may be accessed from the Archives, on the right, by clicking in "2015", then scrolling to the bottom of every page that opens, until you reach the beginning. Hoping you enjoyed reading it and if you have not read it yet you may start at the beginning with the Introduction.


             I myself am the proof of every word that I have written

From Here to Nowhere

Many years have passed since that young boy stood alone in his bedroom dressed in a red dressing gown with red plastic buttons, but in a sense nothing had changed. Essence knows no age, no gender, no name, no nationality and no belief – only being and non-being. If we see that belief is an illusion, a habit perpetuated by our species and sustained by thought and memory, and if we discard the labels and identification with thoughts, beliefs, concepts and ideas, a completely different perception comes into being. We are then actively conscious and aware, rather than sleep-walking in the belief that we are awake. Being consciously aware is the perception that everything is One and everything is inter-related, a part of everything else, and that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed but constantly changes form in a whirling kaleidoscope of atoms and molecules of matter and energy...............................................

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Remarkable Men and Women

Hermann Hesse – writer - German Nobel prize-winner - e.g.¨The Glass Bead Game,¨

¨Steppenwolf, ¨ Siddhartha, ¨Demian,¨, ¨Peter Camenzind.¨

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff – writer/philosopher – teacher - e.g. ¨Beelzebub´s Tales to his Grandson¨, ¨All and Everything¨.

Peter D. Ouspensky – writer – teacher – e.g. ¨In Search of the Miraculous¨, ¨ The Fourth Way¨.

Jiddhu Krishnamurti –¨ a kind of philosopher¨ (in his own words), a spiritual teacher ‘discovered’ by Annie Besant, Theosophy– venue: Brockwood Park. Hampshire. U.K. – e.g. ¨Freedom from the Known,¨¨ The First and Last Freedom. ¨

Ramana Maharshi – Vedanta mystic – Arunachala – India.

Lao Tzu – Chinese sage – philosopher – spiritual teacher – e.g. The Tao Te Ching.¨

Carl Jung – psychologist – dream-analyst  -  e.g.¨Memories, Dreams and Reflections¨ 

Alan Watts – Zen Buddhist -writer - e.g. ¨The Wisdom of Insecurity¨, ¨ The Taboo against Knowing Who you Are.¨ 

Chogyam Trungpa – Tibetan Lama – “Meditation in Action”, “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism”.

Jiyu Kennett– Roshi (Zen master) – English woman – e.g. ¨Selling Water by the River.¨Abbot of Mount Shasta Zen Monastery, California.

Dhiravamsa – Thai Theravada Buddhist Teacher

The Dalai Lama – Spiritual leader of the Tibetan Gelugpa sect.

Sangharakshita – British Buddhist, Teacher of the Vajrayana

Carlos CastaƱeda – writer – e.g. - ¨The Teachings of Don Juan.¨¨ A Separate Reality.¨¨¨ Tales of Power.¨etc.

Colin Wilson – writer – e.g. ¨The Outsider,¨¨Religion and the Rebel¨etc..

Jack Kerouac – writer - e.g.  ¨Big Sur¨, ¨ On the Road¨, ¨The Dharma Bums. ¨ 

Allen Ginsberg – writer – poet – philosopher – e.g. ¨Doing your own Being.¨

Lyall Watson – socio-biologist & writer – e.g. ¨Gifts of Unknown Gods,¨ ¨The Romeo Error. ¨

Aldous Huxley – writer – philosopher – e.g. ¨Island¨, ¨Brave New World¨.

Michael Adam (Kim Taylor) – writer – illustrator – calligrapher – friend –

e.g. ¨Man is a Little World,¨A Strange Wild Place,¨¨My Wild Lone.¨

William Blake – poet – philosopher.

Teilhard de Chardin – Christian mystic – philosopher.

Werner Erhard – founder of E.S.T.

Rabindranath Tagore – poet – philosopher – e.g. ¨Gitanjali¨.

Pir Vilayat Khan – Sufi mystical teacher. The Western Sufi Order.

Kahlil Gibran – writer – poet – philosopher - e.g. ¨The Madman.¨

Jalaluddin Rumi – Sufi mystic – poet – philosopher.

Van Morrison – musician – composer – e.g. –  ¨Astral Weeks¨, ¨Tupelo Honey.¨

Ravi Shankar – musician. Sitar, surbaha and tabla.

Robert Redford – actor – film director.

Daniel Day-Lewis – actor. ¨The Unbearable Lightness of Being.¨ ¨My Left Foot.¨

Bonnie Raitt – singer – song-writer. ¨The Nick of Time,¨¨Longing in their Hearts.¨

Li Po – Chinese poet

Bernard Leach – master potter

Shoji Hamada – Japanese master potter

Richard Bach – “ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”

Vimala Thakar – Indian spiritual teacher associated with Krishnamurti

Pak Subuh – founder of Subud

The poems deal basically with these themes : LIFE/DEATH  and  LOVE/FREEDOM.

They are two sides of the same coin, and depend on one another.....are inseparable.

1                    Gaelic Muse – this is the first poem, full of romantic idealism, written in Nottingham in 1963 at the age of 23

2                    The Tigress – in contrast  this is a bitter poem, written in self-imposed exile at Glastonbury in the winter of 1974

3                    Winter´s Evening – written at Glastonbury in 1974, in the Vale of Avalon

4                    Now is the Time – a musical poem written in 1974, and it expresses realisations and insights into Reality

5                    Awareness – a meditation on the nature of reality

6                    Butterfly – composed on the Isle of Purbeck in Swanage, in the company of two poet friends, who decide to walk the cliff path while the writer stays behind.

7                    You and I – the moment of meeting your soul-mate

8                    Immortality – a philosophical poem based on certain insights

9                    With your Love – written in Kingston upon Thames in 1975 , manuka is a fragrant flower which grows in New Zealand, and the nectar makes excellent honey

10                The Tao of Not-doing – based on Chinese Taoist philosophy. Tao = the Way

11                Love comes… - concerning the nature of love which is revealed with the death of the ego

12                The Way that we Wander – this poem is also about ¨the Way¨ and our attitude to life; it is about choosing what already is determined. Jesus said …..

13                Earth-Water Idyll – the man is Taurus, the woman Aquarius; Helen of Troy launched 1000 ships – written in Penryn, Cornwall in 1979

14                Flirting with Creation – also written in 1979, as a reply to a poem received from Helen; it has cosmological connotations. First you will see Helen´s poem.

15                Memories – written in 1984 in Cornwall where the climate is very elemental.

16                Haiku Poems – Japanese poetry in which the essence is captured in 3 lines, the first line with 5 beats, the second with 7 beats and the third with 5 beats.

17                Only This – written much later, in the year 2000, the Year of the Dragon; it relates to the nature of the Universe, in which all is one indivisible whole and where the only time is now.

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Chapter 27 - "The Way to Nowhere" - access preceding chapters by clicking on "2015" in the Archive column on the right, then scroll down to click on "Other Posts" at the bottom of every page that opens.

Chapter 27

Donde una puerta se cierra, otra se arbre


The Spanish Connection

In Spain I felt far more comfortable and at ease in the favourable climate and I also had the pleasure of living in the vicinity of my young children who regularly stayed with me over the weekend. I attended meetings in Marbella of the Mind, Body, Spirit group and encountered Tibetan singing bowls, a talk on Buddhist meditation, a talk on Thai massage and acupressure, a talk on veganism and a talk by an Ancient Elder, as aborigines he met in Australia described him, namely Colin Louis, a spiritual healer and psychic who spent time at the Findhorn community..................