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Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Chapter 14 - "The Way to Nowhere" - preceding chapters are always available in the Archives at the right side of the on "November".

Chapter 14

Intelligence is seeing what is
J. Krishnamurti

An Empty Seat

I had been queuing for an hour or more. It was still early and there was dew on the grass. The air was fresh and the sun was low in the sky to the east but gave little warmth at this early hour. The fire which had been blazing the night before was smoking and a few souls were still sitting there or lying in sleeping bags, still asleep. The campers moved around the meadow which was dotted with tents of varying size and colours, blankets around their shoulders to keep out the cold. Those waiting patiently in the queue sat on folding chairs in front of the huge marquee which housed 2,000 people when the Talks began. After what seemed an eternity there were signs of movement...........................................................


Monday, 28 December 2015

Chapter 13 - "The Way to Nowhere" - preceding chapters may be accessed by clicking on "November" in the Archives to the right side of the page, then choosing the chapter required.

Chapter 13

Man is a machine,  but a very peculiar machine. He is a machine which under the right circumstances and with the right treatment can know that he is a machine

                                                                                P.D. Ouspensky

Sufism and Subud

Following the Talks at Brockwood Park, which I was to attend for the next nine years, I drove with new-found friends to the south of France in a Renault 4 belonging to Pauline to take part in the vendange, the grape-picking harvest. We camped on the beach at Port Leucate and soon after we had pitched the tent there was a tremendous thunderstorm which occurred right above our heads and water cascaded upon the tent, completely soaking us. Fortunately a German couple had parked their camper van nearby and helped us to dry out.

We spent the next three weeks in the vineyards, labouring in the fields and struggling to keep up with the Spanish workers who kept up a back-breaking pace. Every day we were given a bottle each of the local Corbieres wine and used it mostly in our cooking in our small canteen.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Chapter 12 - "The Way to Nowhere". Preceding chapters may be accessed by clicking on "November" in the archives at the right of the page.

Chapter 12

Belief implies the existence of something we don´t know


The Talks at Brockwood Park

During the long hot summer of 1976, when the green grass of southern England assumed a scorched appearance, I started attending the Krishnamurti Talks at Brockwood Park, a country estate in Hampshire. These Talks were held every August in a huge marquee next to another large marquee, the food tent, and it was possible to camp there in the grounds in front of the house. Krishnamurti gave a series of Talks and Dialogues over three weeks. He also gave Talks at Saanen in Switzerland, Ojai in California and in India and established independent schools at Brockwood Park and Rishi Valley, which were a real and holistic preparation for life. There I met Dr David Bohm, an associate of Krishnamurti, who was a professor of physics at L.S.E. and a leading exponent of quantum mechanics. He had written a book entitled “The Implicate Order”. 

It appears that in this new century science is finally and rapidly catching up with ancient knowledge. At long last science and ancient religious knowledge are beginning to converge. There are said to be more than four dimensions, possibly ten or eleven, but we cannot normally experience them.............................