Thursday, 24 December 2015

Chapter 12 - "The Way to Nowhere". Preceding chapters may be accessed by clicking on "November" in the archives at the right of the page.

Chapter 12

Belief implies the existence of something we don´t know


The Talks at Brockwood Park

During the long hot summer of 1976, when the green grass of southern England assumed a scorched appearance, I started attending the Krishnamurti Talks at Brockwood Park, a country estate in Hampshire. These Talks were held every August in a huge marquee next to another large marquee, the food tent, and it was possible to camp there in the grounds in front of the house. Krishnamurti gave a series of Talks and Dialogues over three weeks. He also gave Talks at Saanen in Switzerland, Ojai in California and in India and established independent schools at Brockwood Park and Rishi Valley, which were a real and holistic preparation for life. There I met Dr David Bohm, an associate of Krishnamurti, who was a professor of physics at L.S.E. and a leading exponent of quantum mechanics. He had written a book entitled “The Implicate Order”. 

It appears that in this new century science is finally and rapidly catching up with ancient knowledge. At long last science and ancient religious knowledge are beginning to converge. There are said to be more than four dimensions, possibly ten or eleven, but we cannot normally experience them.............................

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