Thursday, 17 December 2015

Chapter 10 - "The Way to Nowhere" - preceding chapters are acessed by clicking on "November" in the Archives.

Chapter 10

We are what we have identified ourselves with

                                                    J. Krishnamurti

The Prince and the Sage

Many years ago in far-off India there lived a prince surrounded by all manner of comfort and luxury. Everything he desired was at hand, whenever needed, immediately and in abundance. He lived a life of opulence and splendour and his palace was nothing short of magnificent, fashioned by the greatest artisans and craftsmen of the age. The sculptured reliefs which adorned the towers and walls were a wonder to behold.

Hundreds of servants attended to his every need and a bevy of beautiful maidens drawn from towns and villages across the land performed his every wish, most of whom were hand-picked for their radiant beauty and their charming disposition........................

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