Monday, 9 November 2015

Introduction - The Way to Nowhere -Alan S. Jones - (copyright reserved)


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The Way to Nowhere

A Singular Life


A Chinese saying goes: “May you live in interesting times” our own generation it is surely true that we all have lived through a fascinating period in the history of the human race! The period which I have experienced encompasses the latter half of the twentieth century and I could not have chosen a more interesting time to be alive. In this book I will give a candid account of this life and the events that occurred, without undue embellishment and with a considerable degree of transparency. I will describe the events of my life interspersed with the philosophical insights which came to me unannounced but which occurred as a result of a conscious investigation into the mysteries of existence and the purpose, if any, of living. 

Reading over the story of one's life a pattern emerges and events and personalities link one to another. Everything that ever happened in life leads one to this transitory present moment. I grew up in a musical household and later learned to play the guitar. I found Edwardian postcards which my grandfather had sent home from the various places in the world which he visited in the merchant navy. I found in the house many copies of travel magazines which depicted ethnic communities and photographs of native peoples. Later I was to travel widely myself and discover different cultures, customs and ways of life........................................

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