Thursday, 18 February 2016

Chapter 26 -"The Way to Nowhere" - preceding chapters may be accessed by clicking in "2015" in the Archives on the right, scrolling down to "Older Posts" at the bottom of the page that opens, then scrolling down every page to click on "Older Posts".

Chapter 26

If you can`t explain it simply, you don`t understand it well enough

                                                                                       Albert Einstein

Civilisation in Decline

We stayed in the Philippines for three years and then moved to the UK in 2006 but it was not the same country as I had left twenty years before. It was not that the country itself had changed but the society within it. It suffered from often ludicrous health and safety regulations, the scourge of political correctness and increased scrutiny and surveillance. It had changed out of all recognition and my Filipina wife was not allowed to stay there for more than six months. We rented an apartment in Exmouth and I joined the staff of the Exmouth Language Academy, where parties of Spanish children came over to England on summer courses..........................................

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